Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photo 59

Notice anything different, Brad got glasses. For the 1st time in his life, he is wearing glasses.


Juliana said...

This one looks awesome! Love the angle of the fence behind him and the clarity is super! I had a friend suggest to me to use the unsharp mask on my photos. Hers always look sooo sharp and clear. Even after using the unsharp mask on photoshop I still feel like mine are not as clear and sharp as hers but I'm still learning. She suggested to use the settings 14,40,0 and then do it again and use85,1.5,3. I also have been playing around with some free presets. I've enjoyed using one called Powder Room and you can make the skin smoother, the eyes sharper, and you can either darken them or lighten the shadow that sometimes appears on the eyes. These are just things I've been trying to play with but honestly the pure photos are awesome too when we can capture them as clear as you did this one! Ü Good job! I love all your 100 photos! Good job--maybe I should try it!

Mark Bastian said...

I really like this one. How did you post process it? Looks like maybe some added contrast and saturation. Is that right? Anything else? BTW, this photo reminds me a lot of how I remember Uncle Roger when I was very young.

Bastian Family said...

I ran a duplicate, soft light; duplicate screen; changed opacity; changed hue/saturation, flattened; unsharp mask 75, 1.5, 1