Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 34

I need HELP! How do you fix a blown out sky. I have tried so many different techniques and I can't fix it. Will someone send me an email with a tutorial or just let me know how to do it? How do you expose for sky and subject? How do you get skin tones with this kind of lighting?

This is Tyler on a bale of cotton. He is a farmer's grandson.

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Mark Bastian said...

You can either use fill flash (Using built-in, or preferably a speedlite, dial the exposure down, maybe -1/3 for built in or -2 for speedlite) and then meter the setting for the sky or crosslighting. The fill technique would typically underexpose the child since you are metering on the sky, but your flash would fill him in for you. For an even better effect, do crosslighting ( You'll need to get your flash off camera for this (I unfortunately, only have one speedlite so I can't do this yet since I have a master w/no slave).