Friday, June 26, 2009

Just getting started

I am trying to learn how to take pictures. The purpose of this blog is for EVERYONE to critique my pictures. I am by no means a professional and will never claim to be. I enjoy taking pictures and this is a way for me to learn.
Please feel free to comment on any picture and be honest even if it hurts my feelings. I believe criticism will help me to learn, good or bad.


Mary DePalma said...

I am forever exploring on Blogspot and tonight tried the "next blog button" at the top of my page, that is how I found your site. I am a couple months ahead of you but am trying the same things on photoshop and with my camera. I have some great links I went to that gave me different tips on my camera. I wouldn't mind sharing if you are interested. I thought your pictures were great!

Bastian Family said...

Please share Mary. I always want to learn more. Thanks